Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hip Hop Wired – 11/12/09

HHHWired Exclusive: B.G. Speaks on Arrest, Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Turk


» By Danielle Canada   Nov 12 2009, 17:23 Pm

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Rappers have been unable to outrun the long arm of the law as of late.  With C-Murder, T.I. and Max B behind bars, Boosie having his sentence doubled and Lil Wayne possibly facing a year, it feels as though no artist is safe from the big house and must be weary of his/her actions.

Rapper B.G. was barely able to escape as he was arrested last Tuesday following a traffic stop when authorities found More

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Lil Kim Sued For Missed Appearances


» By Danielle Canada   Nov 12 2009, 16:59 Pm

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Lil Kim's been busy overseas trying to revitalize her career and ultimately reclaim her position as the ‘Queen B.'

Kim recently made a brief stop across the pond in London where she was scheduled to make several club appearances from November 7 through 14. Unfortunately for British fans anxious to catch a glimpse of her, she left prematurely after suffering More

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Dr. Dre Teaming With Best Buy For New Business Venture


» By Danielle Canada   Nov 12 2009, 16:37 Pm

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Dr. Dre continues to embrace his talent in music and further build his brand by collaborating with major electronic retailer Best Buy which will serve as endorsement for his Beats By Dre headphones and DJ equipment.

Calling the venture Club Beats, the joint venture is a partnership with More

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Charles Hamilton Making His Return?


» By Danielle Canada   Nov 12 2009, 15:29 Pm

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Since being shunned from the offices of Interscope and having his debut album shelved indefinitely, the rap career of Charles Hamilton seemed to have died out before it could truly launch.

Last impressions are almost as significant as first and for Hamilton, his last image was that of having a few teeth shifted after a punch from his female affiliate.Sonic lost all his coins after that hit as he completely dropped off the More

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C-Murder Cannot Afford Appeal For Murder Case


» By Danielle Canada   Nov 12 2009, 15:13 Pm

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Corey Miller's troubles with the law ultimately landed him a lifetime behind bars.

As previously reported C-Murder was convicted of second degree murder for the shooting death of a 16-year-old boy in 2002 and sentenced to life in prison. Now as he continues to serve his time C-Murder's trying anxiously to appeal his conviction so he can see the light of day again.

Unfortunately for him however the cost of an appeal is more than he can afford. According to court documents More

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Details Spill On Eminem's “Shady Talez”


» By Michael "Ice-Blue" Harris   Nov 12 2009, 15:03 Pm

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With a history of ruthless, malicious lyrics to make fans cringe or cause a stir, it only makes sense that Eminem would use his ability to craft frightening tales and paint it on a larger canvas.

Earlier reports gave mention of the rapper working on a series of horror films titled Shady Talez and now further details have surfaced as it pertains to the upcoming flick.

The actual film will be a 3D anthology film which will showcase the rapper's ability to be a chameleon as he will be put More

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Sha Money XL Announces Distribution Deal


» By Danielle Canada   Nov 11 2009, 17:15 Pm

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The former head of G Unit Records and the man deemed by 50 cent as the “chain on the bike, Sha Money XL, is announcing a brand new business venture.

It's been two years since he left his post and now he's stepping up to take the reins of a multi-million dollar music and film distribution deal. The deal brings together the businessman and 'The Orchard' as he launches More

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Wu Tang Affiliates Arrested


» By Danielle Canada   Nov 11 2009, 17:12 Pm

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The old saying to watch the company you keep is ringing true once again. Two affiliates of the legendary team Wu are finding themselves in jail after being arrested in Arkansas. DJ Allah Mathematics and Streetlife were arrested Tuesday after police found weed on their tour bus. According to the police report, More

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dr. Boyce Watkins says we need to forget about Chris Brown and Rihanna


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University 

When I heard that Chris Brown hit his ex-girlfriend Rihanna, I was concerned and surprised.  I also found myself irritated by the fact that many women, along with my teenage daughters, were quick to forgive Chris for his actions, primarily because they think he has a great voice and a cute face.  I had little sympathy for Chris Brown, and doing something like that to one of my girls would’ve had him singing a cappella for the rest of his life.

RELATED: Rihanna: Chris Brown “Had No Soul In His Eyes”

But that’s where I have to get off the Chris Brown bashing bus.  In spite of my frustration with Chris’ behavior, I cannot endorse the media’s decision to turn his relationship with Rihanna into a one-sided slugfest, committed by yet another violent black man whose rage consistently overrides his intellect.  I also cannot endorse Rihanna’s decision to bring ABC News into her relationship, portraying herself as the completely innocent victim who was terrorized by the big, scary black man.  Yes, she is the victim, but we all know that love is not that simple.

Let’s be clear: No man should ever put his hands on a woman in a violent way.  We all agree on that.   Not only is it morally wrong, but it’s an easy way for a man to find himself in jail (especially if he’s black).  We should also agree that no woman should put her hands on any man.  The second point might be subject to disagreement, but the truth is that you shouldn’t hit someone if you don’t expect to get hit back.  While that person might end up being punished by the police, you might end up in the morgue.  We can also agree that the disproportionate amount of force that a man is capable of inflicting is a legitimate reason that the man is more to blame than the woman, even if both parties are involved in a physical altercation.


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Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Rapper Vigalantee Talks with Dr. Boyce about the Jay Z- Beanie Sigal Conflict


by Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Consider it a strange dream, but I had some thoughts about the Jay-Z beef with the rapper Beanie Sigal. No, I'm not here to talk about keeping street cred. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Half of the artists in the hip hop industry are not nearly as hard or as real as they claim to be. They're too smart for that. The guys who are really as hard as most rappers claim to be are either in a jail cell or a casket. That's the truth.
What got my attention was when Charlamagne Tha God was fired from 100.3, "The Beat" in Philadelphia. I've known Charlamagne for years from our work on The Wendy Williams Show, so this made me a little upset. What was even sadder is the allegation that Jay Z may have played a role in getting Charlamagne fired, in large part because Charlamagne conducted an interview with Jay-Z's new rival, Beanie Sigal. This incident represents more than the standard thuggery that some might see on the surface. Instead, it brings forth a plethora of issues that relate to business, entertainment, money and corporate power. Here are some quick thoughts:


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