Friday, December 10, 2010

Black News: Last Resident Moves Out of Cabrini-Green

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

It's been 58 years, but we can consider today to officially be the end of an era. The last tenant has finally moved out of the infamous Cabrini Green Housing Projects in Chicago, IL. Annie Ricks was the last holdout, a mother of seven children who'd previously refused to leave the community she loved so much. Ricks was eventually persuaded to move to an apartment on the South Side.
Cabrini-Green once consisted of 23 high-rises and 15,000 tenants. The community became nationally-known after a young girl was raped, beaten, poisoned and left for dead in 1997. Also, 7-year old Dantrell Davis was shot in 1992 as he walked to school. These tragedies came to define the community where outside observers felt a person couldn't even drive by without being in harm's way.

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